Media and fake encounters

Of late there has been a lot of hullabaloo in the media about the so-called fake encounter killings. I don’t want to get into the debate of whether the fake encounter killings are justified or not. What triggered me to write this article is the way in which our media handled the Ishrat Jahan ‘fake’ encounter case.
Congress sponsored media houses like NDTV and CNN-IBN ran programmes several hours of their air time painting a negative picture of Gujarat Government in general and Narendra Modi in particular. Anyone watching those programmes will ultimately have to come to a conclusion that Gujarat government is silencing the voice of muslims by killing them in fake encounters. Out of curiosity I made a simple attempt to look into fake encounter cases in various other states. Then I stumbled on a column written by eminent columnist and Chartered Accountant S Gurumurthy in The New Indian Express. He described the facts relating to Sohrabuddin’s fake encounter case, and fake encounters in other states of india.  I am surprised to learn that Gujarat stands nowhere in the picture. During 2002-2007, 440 fake encounters are registered with Human Rights commission. Out of 440 only 5 cases pertain to Gujarat, almost the lowest in the country. Uttar Pradesh tops the list with 231 cases, followed by Rajasthan 33, Maharashtra 31, Delhi 26, Andhra Pradesh 22, Uttaranchal 19, Assam 12, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka 10 each, Tamil Nadu 9, West Bengal 8, Bihar and Haryana 6 each. Not a single one of those cases is given any attention by the media.
Media houses made several insinuations against Modi and Amit Shah. Some sections of media, especially NDTV, tried to create an impression as if Ishrat Jahan and others were innocents, and have got killed just because they were muslims. They made several shows with cinematic background music creating a sympathy wave for the terrorists. They paraded family members of the terrorists and gave ample time to their lawyers. They tried to manipulate the public opinion by flooding one-sided stories. The trial has not even begun in the court, but the TV studios already delivered their judgement. They projected as if Police and intelligence agencies are villains and anti-muslim. Nevertheless There is a stark evidence to suggest that Ishrat Jahan has associated herself with terrorist activities. The associates of Ishrat Jahan were in touch with Muzamil, a LeT commander in Pakistan, over a satellite phone. The IB tapped the conversations, Those tapes are now available in the public domain. It clearly revealed their sinister plans. Moreover, the 26/11 conspirator David Headley has confessed before American FBI that Ishrat Jahan was indeed a Lashkar-e-Taiba operative. This further corroborates the claim of Indian Intelligence officials.
The left-liberal media never misses a chance to communalize the issue and bring in religion where it is irrelevant. It suits the congress party’s agenda very well. The so-called secular parties always want the Muslims to believe that  all the institutions like Police, IB, Army, Judiciary, Bureaucracy etc are filled with “communal” and “bigoted” Hindus who are hellbent to destroy the Muslims. They want Muslims to believe that the Congress Party alone could act as a bulwark and save them from the impending danger in hands of these “communalized” institutions.  They use media to demonize BJP and create a fear psychosis in the minds of Muslims so that Muslims would always be on their side as a permanent vote-bank. In the whole process of creating the vote bank the Congress Party and its paid-media forget the simple fact that they are destroying not only the institutions but also the very nation.

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